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How to Reduce Energy Costs this Summer

We all enjoy saving money when and where we can. One easy way is to save money every day is by reducing home’s energy costs. By making a few simple changes every day, your small savings can add up to big bucks. We have compiled a list of ideas so you can reduce your energy spending this summer.

Close your blinds. With so many big windows in our homes here in Alaska, it’s important to keep your shades closed on sunny days. Sun comes into your home through windows and creates a greenhouse effect, warming the inside. To prevent the sun from warming up your home too much, close the blinds during the sunniest hours of the day.

Clean your filters. Regularly cleaning the air filters from your HVAC system is a great way to reduce energy costs and keep your cooling system working more efficiently. Once a month, run water through them, let them air dry, and then put them back.

Unplug appliances. When you are not using your appliances and other corded devices, unplug them from the wall. These devices can suck energy from the outlet, unnecessarily wasting energy and money.

Seal any drafty areas. Keep cool air inside by sealing any drafty areas, such as windows or the gap under the door. When air escapes your home, your cooling system has to work harder to keep it at the same temperature.

Use your oven sparingly. Ovens cause the surrounding area to warm up, which raises the internal temperature of your home. Instead of using your oven on hot days, opt to use your barbecue in the summertime, leaving the inside of your home cool.

In addition to our summer-friendly tips, always remember to turn your lights off when not in use, and program your thermostat to only cool during the hours you and your family are home.

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