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5 Ways to Add Storage in Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel and need more storage? You’re not alone - lack of storage space is one of the main concerns that cause homeowners to remodel their kitchen. Here are a few storage ideas and tips to consider when planning your new kitchen design.

1. Create a pantry. If you have space, it’s a great idea to create a pantry for extra storage. A small closet pantry is a good option if you have just a small amount of extra space, but a walk in pantry gives you even more options for storage.

2. Choose drawers over doors. When it comes to choosing a drawer or cabinet, opt for the drawers. While cabinets can come in handy in some situations, drawers do a better job of maximizing space while keeping you organized. It’s becoming increasingly more common to store things like dishes, glassware, and food in drawers rather than cabinets to keep them more organized and more easily accessible.

3. Double up your island cabinetry. If you are planning on adding a kitchen island, consider adding cabinets to the front and the back of the island to maximize storage. Even if you have a sitting area at your counter, you can use low profile pulls and handles to help the cabinets blend in. You can use the storage in the font of the island for extra food items, appliances, or anything else you don’t use very often.

4. Consider custom inserts. There are so many creative inserts for kitchen drawers and cabinets that help organize and maximize space. These can be built into your cabinets or added after they have been installed.

5. Double up overhead kitchen cabinets. If you have the ceiling height, you can add another layer of kitchen cabinets over your current ones. Not only will this give your kitchen a more built-in look, but will increase your storage options dramatically. We suggest storing things that you don’t use frequently, like certain appliances or specialty glassware, in these high cabinets.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, our team is ready to help. Call us to get started on creating your ideal space!

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