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How to Protect Your Business from Water Damage

Have you taken steps to protect your business from water damage? Water damage can be very destructive, and some businesses have a difficult time reopening after a major flood has occurred. While it’s impossible to predict or completely prevent a flood, there are steps you can take to ensure the damage is minimal.

Assess all areas of your business and their proximity to water. By being aware of potential areas where leaks are more likely to occur, you can arrange your office furniture accordingly. For example, place your computer or other electronic items away from an area where a pipe could potentially burst. 

Keep all paper and computers off the floor. In the event of a flood, anything on the floor will likely be damaged beyond repair. Keep computers raised and paper documents safe in raised filing cabinets. The only thing that should be on the floor is furniture and water resistant items.

Keep emergency supplies on hand. Always store a few tarps and water resistant towels in the office so you can take immediate action in the event of a flood. Tarps can be used to drape over computers and desks for temporary water protection, and towels can soak up excess water. This could help prevent damage from occurring and gives time for our emergency team to arrive.

Back up all computer files. Regularly back up your computer hard drives in an offsite location, such as a cloud, to keep your files sale. In the event your computers are destroyed, you’ll want to make sure all of your important files are safe and up to date.

If you have experienced water damage in your business, it’s important to take quick action to ensure further problems don’t begin. Call our emergency team and we’ll address the issue quickly and efficiently.

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