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How to Spring Clean Your Deck

A backyard deck is a wonderful addition to any home, but it needs to be regularly maintained. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure your deck looks great and stands the test of time. If neglected, a backyard deck can easily become an eyesore and be more susceptible to wood rot. If you have a deck, make sure to follow these easy maintenance tips to ensure it’s in great condition this summer.

The easiest thing you should do regularly is sweep the deck’s surface. This will remove any debris, and prevent things like leaves and sticks from getting stuck in between the deck boards over time. Add it to your weekly household chore list to ensure it is routinely being up-kept.

One a year, it’s important to thoroughly clean your deck. We suggest doing this in the springtime after winter and snow have subsided. The first thing to do is to pick up any debris and sweep the surface thoroughly. Use a screwdriver or another slender tool to dislodge any sticks and leaves from between the deck boards. Once this is completed, you can begin pressure washing the deck. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can also use a regular garden hose. This will clean up any dirt or mud that has built up on the deck, giving it a fresh and clean look.

After the deck has been hosed down, mix a cleaning solution to cleanse the deck. You can buy a proper deck cleaner at any home store. Work your way through the deck with a bristled brush to ensure it’s being thoroughly cleaned. If you notice any mold or mildew growth, you can use bleach as needed to treat the affected area. After the cleaning is complete, hose the deck down again remove the soap.

Once you’ve cleaned your deck, you can reseal it. We suggest using a water and mildew resistant sealant. This will ensure your deck is protected from the elements and will keep it looking great for years to come.

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