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Why You Should Act Quickly After a Fire

Experiencing a fire in your home or business is devastating. Even though it may be stressful, it’s important to start the fire restoration within the first 24 hours following the incident. Quick action ensures everything can be done for your safety and to salvage the remaining structure. Here's a few reasons why you need to take immediate action and hire an experienced fire restoration team after a fire occurs on your property.

After a fire, there could be damage to the gas lines, electrical wiring, and plumbing inside the building. These problems may be hidden inside the walls, and could cause serious problems if not inspected and repaired immediately. Our team knows what signs to look for and where to find potential internal damage.

The structure of the building could be compromised. Even if everything looks great on the outside, do not enter the building. There could be unseen structural issues that could potentially cause a collapse. One of our trained professional will inspect the building and determine if it’s structurally sound.

Many people think the health risks are gone once the fire has been extinguished, but that is not the case. Smoke and fire residue can be carcinogenic and cause respiratory problems, even if the fire was small. Our team will be able to clean the area and restore it.

The clean up after a fire can be lengthy and requires specialized skills. We have the proper training, experience, and equipment to clean up your fire damage and restore the area back to its original, pre-fire state. Your home will look and smell like it never had a fire.

The quicker you call a fire restoration team, the quicker the structure can be restored so you can return to normal life. We understand this can be a difficult time, and our team will work with you throughout the whole process to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

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