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8 Emergency Services Taylored Offers

Did you know we have a highly trained 24/7 emergency response team? We know that accidents never happen at a good time, which is why we have an emergency number you can call 24 hours a day. Upon your call, we’ll send our crew to assess, repair, and remedy the situation. We’ll even handle the insurance paperwork. Here are the 24-hour emergency services we currently offer:

1. Board Up Services. If your house is uninhabitable due to damage, or your home has experienced a collision (such as a car), you’ll want to board up your home as quickly as possible. Boarding up your home after an accident is a great way to secure your property and prevent further damage from occurring.

2. Content Inventory, Cleaning, Pack-out, and Storage. If you’ve experienced a fire, flood, mold, or smoke damage to your home, you’ll want to remove all the salvageable items as soon as possible. By removing them quickly, further damage is prevented. We’ll do an inventory of your belongings, pack them up, and keep them in our secure storage area until they’re ready to be moved back in.

3. Crime Scene Clean Up. Our certified HAZ-Mat team is ready to help with acts of vandalism, trauma, and crime scenes. We know this can be a stressful time, and we handle each situation with the upmost professionalism.

4. Fire Damage Repairs. After a fire has occurred, our team works to secure your utilities, assess the structure of your home, secure the building, and overall prevent things from getting worse. We also have a fire restoration team that can evaluate the damage and restore salvageable areas.

5. Mold Removal. Discovering mold in your home is not pleasant, and can be dangerous. Not only does it cause health problems, but it can be damaging to the overall structure of your house. Our team will inspect your home and make a plan for removal.

6. Pet Stain Removal. Pet stains can seem impossible to remove, whether they be on your carpet, hardwood floors, or upholstery. Our cleaning team is available to spot-clean the area and apply protectant to prevent future stains.

7. Water Damage Restoration. Floods and leaky appliances can cause serious water damage to your home. Our team works with specialized equipment to dry out your house and leave it just as it was before the water damage occurred.

8. Wind Damage Restoration. Alaska can have harsh winds that cause serious damage to homes. Whether you’ve had damage to your roof, a power outage, or a tree has crashed through your house, we can help. Our team will evaluate the situation and take immediate action to make sure your home is safe.

Our 24-hour emergency services are available in all 3 of our locations. Give us a call at the emergency numbers below for immediate response.

Anchorage - (907) 344-1239

Mat-Su - (907) 373-1239

Fairbanks - (907) 455-1239

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