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Black Mold Health Symptoms

Mold in homes can be a serious problem, especially then it comes to black mold. Not only is it damaging to the house structure, but can cause serious health problems in humans. Symptoms can present themselves in a variety of ways. Understanding the signs and symptoms of mold exposure will help you spot a problem in your home even if it’s not visible to the naked eye.

Black mold becomes dangerous to our health when it settles on a surface and is exposed to moisture. The mold releases toxic spores into the air which can unknowingly be ingested or inhaled. Once the mold is inside the body, it can cause a variety of health problems.

Mold exposure most frequently affects the respiratory system. It can cause coughing, sneezing, rashes, headaches, fatigue, and mucus build up. These symptoms may go away once a person has left an affected area and reappear when they return to it.

More serious reactions to mold can occur with prolonged exposure. Often an allergic response can begin to occur and the affected person may begin vomiting or bleeding in the lungs and from the nose. Prolonged exposed has also been known to affect the health of pets in a similar way.

Being aware of these signs of mold exposure can help you spot a potential problem in your home. If you are experiencing any health issues related to mold exposure, content your doctor. If you think you may have mold in you home, we can send a mold specialist to access the situation and create a treatment plan to remove the problem.

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