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5 Home Projects You Shouldn’t Attempt to DIY

With the popularity of home-flipping TV shows and websites like Pinterest, many homeowners are turning to DIY home projects. While they may seem more cost-efficient, attempting some of these projects can actually be dangerous to an untrained person and end up costing more money. Here’s what home projects you should seriously consider hiring a professional for.

Structural Demolition. While it may be tempting to start swinging sledgehammers to remove walls, doing so can be very dangerous to your home and yourself. Accidentally demolishing a load-bearing wall can seriously compromise the structure of your home. Walls also contain electrical and plumbing which can be damaged by unknowingly striking them. Hire a professional to ensure everything gets done safely and correctly.

Bathroom remodels. Tearing out your old bathroom and replacing it on your own could lead to potential problems. Incorrectly calking or failure to properly seal water-tight areas could cause leaks. Similarly, installing new fixtures without proper plumbing knowledge could cause a potential flood. Hiring a professional could actually save you money since the job will be done properly.

Installing and Repairing Drywall. Since drywall is relatively lightweight and inexpensive, many people try and install it themselves. Failure to install the wall correctly could lead to structural problems, and could even cause the wall to collapse. Hire a professional to ensure the new walls are built properly and are structurally sound.

Adding a Home Addition. Adding onto your home is no easy task and requires extensive knowledge of construction. Not only do you have to consider framing, but electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and much more. A professional will be able to help you attain the correct permits for the construction and properly build your addition.

Kitchen remodels. Kitchen remodels are difficult because there can be so many moving parts. Between cabinet installation, tiling, and running electrical, water, and gas lines, there’s a lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. Since kitchens are one area in the home where fires are most likely to start, it’s important to get everything done correctly. A specialist in kitchen remodels will be able to ensure the job is done right and safe for your family to enjoy.

While many homeowners believe attempting one of these DIY projects will save them money, it could ultimately cost significantly more in the long run if a mistake is made. Give us a ca

ll to ensure these projects are finished safely, correctly, and with strong attention to detail.

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