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How To Clean Your Home for the Holidays

It’s officially holiday season. If you’re planning on hosting your family and friends this month, you might want to consider deep cleaning your home before their arrival. While vacuuming and sweeping are obvious, we’ve put together a list of various places you might not think of cleaning.

Upholstery. Over time your upholstery gathers dust, germs, dander, and stains. Consider calling a professional to deep clean your upholstery before the holidays so it’s fresh and clean for guests.

Carpet and Rugs. During the holidays your family gets acquainted with your carpet. They’re either walking on it or sitting on it to open gifts. A deep cleaning will refresh the space making it look as good as new.

Window Coverings. Are your window coverings looking worn or damaged? Instead of replacing them, consider taking them to be professionally restored. A good restoration will put them back in like-new condition.

Kitchen. Your kitchen gets a lot of use during the holidays, so make sure it’s as organized and tidy as possible. Clean out expired and unused items from your pantry and refrigerator to make space for necessary ingredients and leftovers.

Shelves. Don’t forget your shelves and other flat surfaces when getting your home ready for the holidays. These areas have a tendency to collect dust and dirt. We suggest removing everything off the shelves and wiping it down with a cleaner and cloth.

If you need assistance deep cleaning your home, give us a call. We’re happy to help you get your home in top shape!

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