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5 Ways to Help After a House Fire

Experiencing a house fire is devastating. Those who endured the fire are hopefully all safe, and most likely emotionally shaken. Not only is their home lost or severely damaged, but mementos and belongings along with it. If you have family or friends who have recently experienced a house fire, there’s a few things you can do to help.

Reach out and listen. Going through a tragedy like a fire can be isolating. Simply reaching out and lending an ear can be comforting to your friend. Keep it simple: let the person know you’re sorry for what happened and let them know you’re glad they’re alive. If they would like to talk further, make sure to listen to them and be understanding about how they’re feeling.

Donate home items and clothing. People often lose all of their belongings in a fire. Offer extra home and clothing items to help get them through this tough time. If your friends have children, reach out and see what they’re missing from home whether it be a toy, game, or something else.

Help with everyday errands. Your friends will be dealing with a lot post-fire, and may not have time for simple, everyday tasks. Bring over dinner or offer to run errands. These easy gestures can help greatly.

Assist financially. Insurance can take a while to process after a fire, and you friends will likely be spending money. Let them know you’re thinking about them by sending a check or a gift card to help ease the financial burden.

Keep in touch during the rebuilding process. The rebuilding process can be stressful and ongoing. Check in with your friends periodically to see if there’s anything you can do to help.

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