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Wood Burning vs. Electric Fireplace: Pros and Cons

Now that it’s officially cold out, it’s starting to feel like fireplace season. While nothing compares to the ambiance of a traditional, wood burning fireplace, you might be considering an alternative option. Electric fireplace inserts are becoming more popular, and have advantages and disadvantages over the traditional option. Here’s what you should consider if you’re thinking about making the switch from wood-burning to electric.

Wood Burning Fireplace: Pros and Cons

There’s something undeniably cozy and romantic about a wood burning fireplace - nothing quite compares. It has a certain smell and distinct look that cannot be replicated. Since it’s completely independent of your home energy sources, a wood burning fireplace can also save you money on utility bills. All you need is wood and a fire source.

Even though wood burning fireplaces are a good at keeping your home warm, they can be very inefficient. About 90% of the heat created by the fire goes through the chimney, and the temperature is impossible to control. Wood burning fireplaces also require more maintenance in terms of chimney cleaning, finding a wood source, and starting the fire.

Electric Fireplace: Pros and Cons

Electrical fireplaces are an easy-to-install alternative to traditional fireplaces. They can be turned on with the flick of a switch, and the heat levels are easily controlled with a dial. Even though they may not have the same ambiance of a wood burning fire, the fire and flickers of the flames still offer a similar feel. Since the heat and fire is controlled by a switch, they are often safer for children and pets than their wood-burning counterparts.

The cost of operating electrical fireplaces is higher than a traditional wood-burning option since they are tied to your utilities. Using the fireplace regularly could significantly increase your electrical bill depending where you live. Electric fireplaces also don’t provide the same rustic smells as wood-burning, so if that ambiance is important to you, an electric fireplace might not be the right choice for your home.

If you choose your a burning fireplace or go the electrical route, we hope you enjoy the coziness a fireplace provides. Make sure to check your smoke detector batteries and enjoy in good health!

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