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Which Paint Color is Best for Your Home?

Choosing paint for the interior of you home can be challenging. There’s so many options and it can be hard to pinpoint which color works best. We’ve rounded up the most common interior colors to help you decide which paint is best for your home.

Grey. The neutral of choice, grey can be both warm and cool. It represents solidarity, support, and wisdom. Grey is a great choice for any room in your home, but we suggest it as a relaxing bedroom or living room color.

Purple. Purple is a strong color most commonly associated with royalty. Try this color in your dining room to give it a regal vibe.

White. Heavenly and clean, white is a classic choice of paint color in homes. It makes a great choice for family rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere you want to create an inviting space.

Beige. Beige is calming and unchallenging in nature. It’s bright and airy without the starkness of white. We suggest this color for bedrooms or anywhere you would like to relax.

Black. Formal and timeless, black is often associated with glamour. Be careful when brining the color into your home - it can make large spaces look cave-like and appear smaller than they are. If you must have this color, try it in a glamorous bathroom.

Green. Green is most commonly found in nature in the Spring, and it appropriately symbolizes rebirth. The color is said to promote creativity and conversation. This one is great for a living room, dinning room, or workspace.

Yellow. Most people associate yellow with the sun, summertime, and happiness. This color goes best in family spaces. Think dens, kitchens, or living rooms.

Red. A powerful, bold color, red evokes the emotions of both love and hate. This paint is great in moderation - think of it on an accent wall or use it in home accessories.

No matter which color you choose, we suggest brining home a sample to make sure it works in your home. Paint colors can often change depending on the lighting and the accent pieces in the space.

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