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Must-Haves for a Halloween Bash

It's hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. Your children probably have their costumes picked out, and your home might be decorated with ghoulish decor. If you’re someone who loves the holiday, celebrate by having a Halloween themed party. There’s nothing better than a group of friends coming together in fun costumes. Here’s what you’ll need to make your Halloween get-together a success:

Themed decor. Get the mood started off right with some Halloween decor. Jack o’lanterns with candles inside go great with dimmed lights and add to the Halloween theme. Add a few faux cobwebs in the corners of your home to enhance the spooky feel. You can even add fake spiders and paper bats.

Photo booth. Photo booths aren’t just for weddings anymore. You can build your own photo booth by creating a spooky backdrop and setting up a camera with a self timer. It’s a great way for your guests to show off their costumes, and they will love having photos as a keepsake from your party.

Spooky music. Before your party, create a playlist of Halloween themed songs to serve as background music. We suggest adding Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Carlie Daniels Band. Music sharing apps like Spotify or iTunes may even have pre-existing Halloween playlists.

Themed food and drinks. No Halloween party would be complete without themed food and beverages. Try making a blood red punch or hand out loot bags for a “trick-or-treat” feel. Cupcakes and cookies are also a fun option - use icing to decorate them with Halloween accents.

We hope you enjoy your Halloween party, and we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday!

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