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Essentials for a Home Coffee Station

The weather is officially chilly, and what better way to warm up than with a hot cup of coffee. Instead of making the trek to your local coffee stand, consider adding a coffee station into your home for instant access. Coffee stations are a growing home trend, and adding one into your existing space will instantly make it feel more cozy and welcoming. Here’s what you should consider including in your future coffee station.

Coffee maker. Whether you’re a Keurig person or love crafting your own lattes, a statement coffee maker is essential for your coffee station. Try stainless steel for a sleek option or use it as an opportunity to add a pop of color to your space.

Interesting mugs. No coffee bar is complete without a few decorative mugs to serve your coffee in. Mugs come with fun prints, colors, and sayings, and are a great opportunity to show off your personality. Both you and your guests will love them.

A jar of treats. What goes better than a cup of coffee than a freshly baked biscotti or cookie? If you bake them or buy them, display your baked treats in a glass jar beside your coffee maker. Not only are they tasty, but the display provides the ambiance of a cafe counter.

Flavored syrups. If you’re a fan of flavored coffees or lattes, consider adding some flavored syrups to your coffee nook. You’ll never have to visit a coffee shop again!

Somewhere to sit. If you have room, add a little cafe table and two chairs to to give your new space a coffee shop vibe. As an alternative, a cozy armchair and side table would be a great place to relax and sip your cup o’Jo.

Have fun planning the new corner of your kitchen! We hope you soon enjoy the new found coziness of your coffee station.

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