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How to Incorporate Fall into Your Home

It’s hard to believe that summer has flown by and September has arrived. There’s an unmistakable Autumn chill in the air and pumpkin-spice-everything has appeared on the shelves of grocery stores. As the seasons change, it’s fun to incorporate some seasonal décor to get your family in the spirit of the new month. Here are a few ideas to incorporate some Fall ambiance into your space.

Welcome guests with a Fall-inspired wreath on your front door. Wreaths are relatively easy to make – you can find helpful tutorials online or at your local craft store. Mix faux leaves with burlap for an interesting texture and Autumn color palette. If you’re not the crafty type, you can purchase one of these at almost any home store.

Bring outside elements indoors. Accent your home with pumpkins and squash. For an unexpected twist, fill a vase with a plant like wheat. These accents would look great as a centerpiece on your dining table or arranged on your fireplace mantle.

Update your candle collection with cozy, Fall-inspired scents. Many candle companies such as Yankee candle have Fall specific scents to warm up your home. Try candles that have notes of cinnamon, pumpkin, or chai. Even better – whip up a batch of home made apple cider to bring the real thing into your home.

These simple ideas will help give your house a cozy, Fall feel to match the changing seasons. We hope you found some inspiration – enjoy the new month!

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