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What’s Hiding in Your Couch?

When we deep clean our homes we clean everything. We shampoo the carpets, wipe the counters, and scrub every inch of our bathrooms. We think we’ve covered it all – but one piece of furniture often gets overlooked. It’s your couch. Your couch is one of the most frequented places in your home, and we don’t often think about what could be lurking inside the fibers. While we might do a quick vacuum every once in a while, many people don’t know that their upholstered furniture could benefit from a deep clean. These are the types of things that could be hiding inside:

Dust Mites and Allergens. We often associate dust mites and allergens with carpets, but did you know they could also be found in your couch? If you or a family member have asthma or allergies, this could be a trigger that could even cause an asthma attack.

Mold. Yes, Mold. How often do you eat a snack on your couch? Food crumbs combined with humidity can actually cause mold to grow inside your favorite piece of furniture. Mold can cause immune problems as well as aggravate asthmatic problems.

Bacteria and Viruses. It’s very likely that every member of your home frequents your couch. If you have children, dogs, or cats, they could be leaving traces of bacteria every time they sit down. Have you or a family member been sick lately? This could be the cause.

Next time you’re planning to clean your home, don’t forget about the couch. While these problems are concerning, they can be remedied by hiring a professional to deep clean of your couch and other soft upholstery.

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