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5 Bathroom Trends to Consider for Your Remodel

One of the biggest remodels you can do to transform your home is to renovate the bathroom. An outdated bathroom can age a home and hurt the resale value when it’s time to sell. If it has been a while since you’ve thought about remodeling your bathroom, here’s a list of a few trends to consider when planning your new oasis.

Frameless Shower: Frameless, walk-in showers have replaced the ever-present shower and tub combination. This newly popular style of shower features a glass door that showcases the tile work on the walls.

Free Standing Tubs: Claw-foot tubs are being phased out in popularity by their modern, simple-silhouetted cousins – the freestanding tub. Freestanding tubs with clean lines and egg shaped silhouettes are becoming more present in recent bathroom renovations.

Subway Tiles: Classic subway tile is back in style with a few modern updates. You can now purchase the timeless tile in frosted glass, with beveled edges, and in a variety of colors and sizes. The classic white is still as popular as ever – especially when accented with dark grout.

Textured Stone: Textured, natural stone is coming a popular and unique accent for bathroom showers. The stone offers a nice alternative to traditional tile while providing the bathroom with a spa-like feel.

Attention-Grabbing Floor Tiles: Thanks to websites like Pinterest, colorful floor tiles in interesting shapes are making a comeback. A unique tile adds depth and interest to any bathroom – especially when accented with white walls.

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