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Kitchen Renovations That Pay Off

It's impossible to own a home without pondering the occasional home improvements. And the great thing is that a lot of the time, creative energy, and yes, cash you spend on such renovations don't just translate into a space you love, but also into a higher home price whenever you decide it's time to sell. Only which ones offer up the biggest return on investment? If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, start by improving these things in your kitchen.

Let’s start with the obvious one, the appliances. The kitchen houses some of the largest and most important appliances in the home - fridge, stove, stainless-steel dishwasher, these all have a huge impact on prospective home buyers. If you invest in high-end appliances in the beginning, you’ll be faced with an expensive renovation, but it also has an equally high ROI. In the past, many homes with outdated appliances will sit on the market unsold much longer than ones with shiny, new(ish) appliances. To save on cost, be sure to keep appliances where they are. It will end up costing you much more to relocate them and change plumbing pipes and gas lines.

Next, don’t neglect your cabinets. These can also be an expensive item to replaced, but have so much value in them even as an eyesore. If you have wood cabinets in decent shape, give them a good refinishing and a fresh coat of paint. Find it off by adding modern cabinet hardware and you’ll be in shock with how different it all looks.

The kitchen sink. It is the most used item in your kitchen, and a brand new one will not only look nice, but function well. Consider installing one with two troughs for versatility or one made of the most popular material, stainless steel. Did I mention that a modern faucet will draw potential buyers eyes right to it?

Lastly, what is the first thing you notice when you walk into a kitchen? Did you say countertops? The impact of replacing outdated, dirty, stained countertops for future home buyers is huge! Laminate is a thing of the past and should be replaced with something more luxurious and modern like granite or quartz.

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