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Is Your House a Target for Theft?

It’s a constant worry among most Americans that their home may one day be vandalized or broken into by thieves. And why wouldn't you? The FBI reports that a home in the U.S. is burglarized every 15 seconds and it’s the little things that may give them the green light to go ahead and do so. By taking simple measures now, you may be able to avoid every home owners worst nightmare.

1)Your Yard is Unkept.

Staying on top of your landscaping, especially if you have large trees, shrubs or bushes will keep burglaries at bay. Thieves love privacy when they do their handiwork, so the more greenery, the more unlikely it will be that a neighbor or passerby will notice them robbing you at any point during the day or night. They can also hideout in bushes, waiting until you’ve left, so it’s a good idea to pick bushes with thorns or pointy sticks. Also, if your yard looks untidy, its a good sign that you don’t take care of your home maintenance issues either. Faulty locks, broken windows or loose door hinges make for an easy entry point.

2) Taking your trash out early.

If you’re heading out of town before garbage day, be sure not to put your trash cans out too far ahead. Burglars look for these signs that indicate you may be going away for the weekend. Instead, have a neighbor drag them out the day-of so you don’t put your house or belongings at risk.

3)Windows on your garage door.

According to the National Association of Home Inspectors, 80% of home invaders use the windows in your garage to determine if your car was inside, signaling if the homeowner was home or not. Windows can also allow intruders to peek in and learn what type of expensive goods you may have. Nice car? This means you may have even more valuables in your home. Old TV boxes? It’s a good sign you have that displayed somewhere in your home right now. Get rid of those garage windows, or be sure to block them with window treatments when you can.

4)Lights out.

A dark house is welcome sign for burglars. Even at night, keep a low-lit light on, to stray thieves into another direction. Dark homes allow for intruders to easily prowl and peek around your home without being detected - even, when you are sleeping! Install exterior lights that are activated by motion sensors. This will more often than not cause a burglar to suddenly flee the scene.

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