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How to Grout like a Pro

If you’ve noticed the tile around the bathtub looks like it could use a redo, and you feel like tackling it yourself, there are some important rules to follow to apply the grout like a professional.

Be aware that there are many different types of grout and it’s important that the right one is used for the type of tile that’s being installed. Whether it’s for a backsplash, kitchen floor, bathroom, shower or fireplace - an expert opinion never hurts.

Some grouts have sealants in them, some don’t; some are sanded, some aren’t; and they come in different colors, too. (Try to stay away from whites and lighter colors because they will get dirtier, faster!)

Then there’s ready-mix grout that comes in a pale or the powder kind that requires water. Every grout has its own set of rules and instructions, and they must be followed to a tee. But a general rule of thumb is that grout should be the consistency of peanut butter.

Grout is porous, so it will absorb vapor and moisture. In order to prevent this moisture from being trapped behind the grout and tiles, which can lead to mould and rot, grout needs to breathe. For this reason, we always recommend not sealing grout.

If the grout comes with a sealant or you insist on the grout being sealed to prevent stains, it is crucial to make sure the sealant is breathable.

Updating tile can be a lot of work if you are unfamiliar with the steps involved. If you’re feeling uneasy about taking on the responsibility, be sure to call Taylored Restoration for all of your tiling needs.

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