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How to Find More Storage Space in Your Home

One of the top reasons our clients request a home remodel or addition, is to gain more space. Over time, our families grow in size, we own more items and need more space to accommodate all of these things. If a home renovation or addition is not in your budget, there are minor changes that can be made to add extra storage space in your home. Start by making note of the space you do have and ensure you are using every square foot with a purpose. You’ll be surprised at the amount of space you can find in unexpected places.

Furniture - Many furniture designers these days know that multipurpose pieces are popular among consumers. Furniture that does double-duty is an excellent way to make room for more storage. For example, a bench that not only allows one to sit on, but also has room for storage baskets or drawers will keep items organized and tucked away in your mudroom or entryway.

Nooks & Crannies - Secret storage places can be created in places you may have never thought of before. What about all of that empty space beneath your staircase? Time to do something about. If the space is large enough, you can turn it into an extra closet or break it up into separate roll out drawers for hidden storage.

Built-Ins - Ah, good ol’ built in storage. This is the way things are going now with interior design. Whether it be a built-in kitchen pantry, two bookshelves framing you tv room or a linen closet, they are all a wonderful way to get additional storage space without taking out additional square footage. You can say good-bye to bulky dressers, expensive armoires and outdated entertainment centers. Not only is it great for specific rooms, but you can also add a panel of built-in cupboards and drawers to your unused all space. Instant organization!

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