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Create a House Environment Perfect for your Pooch

Pets are a big part of the family and making them comfortable makes it easier for everyone. Every dog owner wants their home to be a safe, entertaining and happy place for their pet. By creating a clean, well-organized home for every member of the family you’ll have a well-balanced (and livable) household.

Step 1) Designate a dog “stuff” area. Use a bin, basket, drawer or another easily accessible catch-all to keep all of your pet’s necessities. The last thing you want is to trip over countless balls, bones or dog leashes strewn around your living room. Keep all of the items in one place and close at hand so every member of the family knows where to find your dogs belogings.

Step 2) Set up a place for your pooch dog’s love direction. They thrive on knowing where to lay their head at night and having a domain of their own. It’s keeps them safe and stress-free, which means less anxious tendencies - chewing shoes, tearing apart furniture, etc. Place a dog bed in a nook or cranny of your home, away from heavy traffic areas will have your pet feeling comfortable at all times of the day.

Step 3) Dogs are inquisitive by nature. So, if your pet loves being a nosy neighbour or protecting their backyard by barking or trying to dig under a fence, avoid the destruction by installing a peek-a-book window for them to stick their head out of instead. Using a plastic bubble - yes, just like the ones your kids use on the playground, your dog will be able to see what’s going on down the street whenever they want to, without escaping.

Step 4) Create a Feeding Station. Are you tripping over bowls? Tired of the splattered water spots all over your floor from your pet lapping up water? Take care of the mess using an elevated eating station. You can purchase one of these at many pet stores, or create one yourself with many DIY projects found online. Don’y you just love having a place for everything?

Step 5) Install a Grooming Station. If space allows, you can avoid all of those trips to the groomer for a dog bath, by installing your own washing station at home. Use your mudroom or that unused space in the basement to install an elevated wash tub with built-in stairs (to allow for easy accessibility). Dunking your dog in the wash tub after a muddy hike in the woods, will keep your house much cleaner and may even end up saving you some money now that a trip to the dog groomer isn’t as often.

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