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How to Prep for your Summer RV Trip

One of the best activities for those that love adventure and the great outdoors, is an RV Trip. Gather up a good group of friends or load the family into an RV for an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be so grateful you did, as your memories will surely stay with you for years to come. If you’re ready to plan a trip of your own, there are important things to do before hitting the open road. And remember, Taylored Restoration specializes in RV cleaning services, which will have your motorcoach looking and feeling brand new.

1) Plan your Route. It’s exciting to hit the open road, but having a plan will make things much smoother. Do you want to take the scenic route? Or, avoid paying nasty tolls? And don’t forget to check overpass clearance for some of the routes across the country. You may not fit! Having answers to all of these questions will help determine your stopping points and the places you want to stay along the way.

2) Set a Timeline. Determine how much time you have total for the journey and determine how far you’ll want to drive each day. Map out the roadside attractions you want to stop and see and the time of day you want to arrive at your destinations. For more popular campgrounds, be sure to book your spot early on so that you don’t find yourself stranded along the way. As always, leave extra time for traffic and spontaneous stops along the way.

3) Purchase RV insurance. If you don’t already have it, be sure to purchase insurance. Especially on a long RV trip, you want to be sure your rig and everything in it is safe in case of an accident. Call your current auto insurance company and learn the cost associated with adding an RV to your current policy.

4) Be Aware of your Electrical Load. Unlike your home, an RV isn’t built to run all of your appliances at one time. Do you research before you go to determine what appliances use the most power. It will help you determine what to bring and what to leave at home. Labeling the wattage such as, toaster - 14 amps, will keep your RV running smoothly and everyone safe.

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