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Fire Safety for Backyard Parties

Outdoor entertaining on a warm summer night, is one of many people’s favorite activities. There is nothing quite like gathering a group of friends or family and enjoying a night under the stars. But whether you’re using an open flame for lighting, cooking or ambiance, it’s important to keep safety as a high priority. It’s easy to become distracted by all of the fun.

Popular fire sources like candles, fire pits, portable fireplaces, lanterns, tiki torches and bonfires and grills can easily start a fire if they’re not used properly. Always be sure to read and follow the manufacturers instructions before operating any of these items. It’s important to notify guests with small children or pets to stay far away from these items and explain the danger involved when getting too close. All party guests should keep at least 1 metre away from the open flame at all times.

Candles can set the mood for a nice dinner outdoors, but you’ll be more confident knowing that a burning candle is being housed in a sturdy candle holder. This will help prevent the candle from being tipped over or catching a dinner napkin, tablecloth or party guests sleeve on fire. Another option? Battery-operated tealights are safe alternatives while still providing the same ambiance at your party.

When it comes to fire pits be sure to have an adult supervise the area at all times. Only use ethanol fuel made specifically for your brand of fire pit unless otherwise stated in the instructions. Campfires should also be made in a specific pit-area to help prevent the flames from spreading. Always keep a water source handy for quick action if an emergency were to arise.

BBQ grills should always be kept 3 metres away from all structures and keep the lid open when turning on a gas grill. Never leave a gas grill unattended and always ensure to turn off the gas once grilling is complete.

Summer should be full of happy memories and relaxing nights. Thinking about fire safety first will ensure you can enjoy the party just as much as your guests will.

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