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Family Camping This Summer? Don’t Forget These Items

Once summer has hit, getting your kids away from the TV screen is on many parent’s ‘To-Do’ lists. A great way to do that is to take advantage of Alaska’s great outdoors and get out in nature! So, how to you ensure you have everything you need to make kids all of ages comfortable? Bring the right stuff. Being properly prepared for camping, hiking and long road trips will ensure your entire family has a vacation chalked full of happy memories.

Food - Running into a case of the “hangries (hungry + angry)” is something you want to avoid. Keeping everyone full will keep everyone happy. Just because you don’t have all of the elements a normal kitchen has in the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice delicious and nutritious meals. Campfire go-to’s such as: hot dogs, marshmallows, chocolate and popcorn are always fun, but it’s important to pack healthy options to avoid cranky kids. Be creative and get the whole family involved. You’ll be surprised at what great options you come up with. And don’t forget to pack large amounts. All of that fresh outdoor activity will have family members eating more than usual.

Stay Warm - It doesn’t matter what age you are, no one likes to be cold and wet. Without fail, rainy days occur on almost every camping trip. Don’t let it ruin your adventure! Take action and be prepared ahead of time with warm clothing and waterproof items. When it comes to clothing, dress in layers and always have a great rain jacket on-hand for everyone. With fickle temperatures, sleeping bags are one of the areas you should invest a good chunk of your money on. There are so many different types of fills and fabrics, but the best bang for your buck are the options for 20 degree weather. If using a tent, lay down waterproof tarps, wool blankets, and sleeping pads before you lay out your sleeping bags. Your body will thank you!

For Fun - Why do families go camping? For fun! So, don’t forget a few of these old-fashioned items that will make memories last a lifetime. Leave the items your kids gravitate to, at home. A different environment may spark a different interest. Go a nature walk. Take time to look up, around and point out things they’ve never seen before. Give everyone a pair of binoculars for birdwatching, insect hunting and more. Find the perfect walking stick or play a round of eye-spy. You’ll be surprised at how much joy your kids can get out of having every member of the family focusing on one simple game together. As always, don’t forget to brush up on your campfire songs, grab a deck or cards or break out a guitar.

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