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This Summer’s Hottest Backyard Trend: The Bar Shed

We know backyard sheds have multiple purposes. From housing garden tools, pool toys, bicycles and paint cans, they help take care of the clutter we don’t have space for inside our homes. But, this summer a new purpose for your backyard shed has entered the scene - welcome the backyard bar shed.

Outdoor living is one of the most splendid ways to spend the long days of summer. With outdoor grills, fire pits and swimming pools always being popular, bar sheds are the perfect addition to your summer time amenities. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cold one in your own personal outdoor bar?

Suddenly, your Friday night hot spot will change from the downtown watering hole to your own backyard - and your neighbors will want to join you!

So, where do you start? The first thing you need is a shed. If you are using an old one, make sure you have enough alternative storage space to store all of the items in there already. Consider adding a new shed with the sole purpose of a bar inside. You can purchase a wooden version anywhere from $1000 - $3000.

Some things to consider before you get too excited are size of the shed and where you’d like to put it in your backyard. If the shed is too small, you won’t have much room for guests and you most likely won’t use it. Keep in mind the furniture you’ll be adding. Selecting smaller bar stools will give you more elbow room. A shed that is around 120 square feet is a safe bet for both

Last, think about the theme of your bar. Will it be tiki-style, pub-style, lounge, dive-bar or a sports theme? Select the flooring, wall paneling, paint and decor items with this in mind. If you want your bar to have power for a mini fridge, ice maker, or patio lights, be sure to consult a professional electrician.

For more bar shed inspiration, scour the internet or consult with one of our very own design team professionals. We’ll make your summer dream come true.

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