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Home Painting Projects Made Easy

Painting a room in your home can completely transform your space. If it’s a project you prefer to tackle yourself, make it easy on yourself by ensuring you have the proper tools on hand. These items will cut your time in half and make the entire experience, much more enjoyable.

Telescoping Roller Pole - Struggling to reach the top of the wall? Make your life easier by purchasing a pole with an extendable handle that screws into your paint roller. Ditch the ladder and stand comfortably wile you paint the wall from floor to ceiling.

Drywall Taping Knife - This low-cost handy helper will protect against paint bleeding under it. Painting baseboards? Be sure to pick one of these up to protect your floors. Be sure to wipe the blade frequently to keep it clean.

Paint Scraper - Prepping windows by taping off corners is time consuming. An easier method is to allow any paint on glass to dry, and use a sharp blade to scrape away any paint splatters from the window panes. Invest in a quality paint scraper with a sharp blade to get the job done quickly.

Bucket Screen - Aren’t roller pans such a pain? They’re a mess to fill and keep cleaning, flimsy to move and seem to do more harm than good. Professional painters ditch the pan and use a bucket grid. The screen hooks onto the bucket lip, and will cost you under $5 bucks!

Work Platform - Almost everyone uses a step ladder when painting along the ceiling and above doors and windows. But the problem is that you constantly have to move it. Not to mention the balancing act you have to master (with a paintbrush in one hand) while trying to stretch out as far you can. Using a portable work platform that is easy to move and lightweight. You’ll love the space it gives you to walk around versus a ladder that leaves you hanging. Think of it as mini scaffolding.

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