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Listing Your House on the Market? Be Sure it’s Buyer Ready!

May is a hot month in real estate and it’s a popular time for many people to list their homes. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market soon, it’s important to ensure it’s in tip-top shape to ensure you attract prospective buyers. As you may be aware of the minor repairs that need to be made prior to putting up that ‘For Sale’ sign, you may not know the most common home issues that kill a sale.

Leaking Roof- The standard lifespan of a shingle-roof is 20-25 years and roof issues are responsible for 39% of homeowner insurance claims. If you know your roof is approaching the end of it’s life or notice major damage, replacing it prior to listing will help you close a deal much faster and avoid the hassel of home inspection nightmares.

Creaks & Cracks- What’s that sound? Buyers are judging every nook and cranny of your home as soon as they step foot through the door. Expect every cupboard, door and closet to be opened, so if they here a creaking sound, it could be a red flag who want a well-kept home. It’s a major turn-off to those with babies or young children - think of the creaking at nighttime! Such a quick-fix can bring 50-80% ROI, so take care of it right away.

Appliances- People LOVE the kitchen, and it’s one of the places people fall in love with most. An outdated kitchen with original appliances is a major “no-no” and doesn’t exactly paint a friendly picture to those looking to take over your home. They also may wonder what else you didn’t bother to update in the home.

Mold- A sign of a sagging ceiling, a crack in the wall or spots under the bathroom sink will have buyers heading in the other direction. Wondering what lies inside your walls will do some serious damage to the amount of offers made on your home. Buyers want to ensure the house is structurally safe and mold is nothing to mess with. Be sure to have a certified mold restoration specialist evaluate the problem before anyone else comes to check out your home.

Broken Gutters- Buyers aren’t just looking at the inside of your home. When looking at a home, buyers will inspect the exterior, as well as the inside, so clogged gutters with damage will be quite an eye-sore. Recognize the importance of replacing damaged gutters before you move forward, as you’re putting your home at risk for major flood damage to various parts of your home. Think: foundation, windows, siding, doors and more.

When in need of some help around the house, be sure to call the trusted team at Taylored Restoration. We’ve got you covered to ensure your home not only looks it’s best, but functions at it’s best as well.

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