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Front Porches are Making A Comeback

What was once described as the “transitional space between the private world of the family and the public realm of the street,” the front porch served a purpose to many home-dwellers in the 19th century as a place where families could sit to enjoy a meal or watch the sunset together.

Today, outdoor living spaces are an essential design trend for homes nationwide and old-fashioned front porches are becoming a desired feature for many home owners and builders are starting to take note! If you are looking to add a porch to your home here a a few things to consider!

Size) A porch should be looked at as an accessory, so it shouldn’t overwhelm the main structure of the house. What will you be using your porch for? Rocking chairs or would you prefer to entertain with a dinner under the sunset? If you’re planning on dining, be sure your porch is at least 8-10 feet deep to accommodate a good-sized table and chairs.

Location) Did you know a south-facing porch will receive the most sun? When adding your porch, you need to think about what side of your home you want to place your porch on. If your goal is to watch the sunset, place your porch facing west. Whereas, an early riser may want to catch the sunrise with their morning coffee in-hand, which means you should have your porch facing east.

Materials) There is nothing worse than an addition to your home that looks like an after-thought. To ensure aesthetic continuity, try to use the same materials to build your porch as are used in the home, especially the exterior surfaces. This includes coordinating millwork and other design motifs so that your new porch looks like a continuation of the rest of your home. A good builder will know what was used on your home and should be able to source the same materials.

Once that beautiful new porch has been built, you’ve not only added an extra entertaining space to your home, but you’ve also amped the curb appeal to your home. You’ll be starting a neighborhood trend in no time!

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