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STOP! Don’t Pour that Grease Down the Drain

Grease is an inevitable part of cooking. With delicious meals, comes the aftermath of thick, hot grease. We’ve all been warned that pouring that delicious bacon grease down the kitchen sink is bad, but do we really know why?

When the fats, grease and oil go down the drain, they mix with other chemicals in the pipes and sewers. Together, they form nasty build-up that can block your pipes, resulting in major flooding and extreme damage to your plumbing system. So, if you need a few options on what to do with that left over grease, give these a try!

Option 1 Put it In the Trash - For fats that solidify, let them harden. Then, scrape out the fat from your dish or pan into the trash can. If you want it to harden faster, chill grease in the fridge. For liquid grease, pour it into an old juice container or soup can and toss the entire thing into the garbage.

Option 2 Reuse - Some people love reusing grease to store or cook with later! Leftover grease makes wonderful sauces, seasoning and can be added to oil when frying food. For this method, be sure to transfer your cooled (not hardened) grease to a glass jar. Refrigerate until you want to use it again.

Option 3 Make bird food and a bird feeder - Leave it for the birds. Let cooking oils sit in a chilly area (such as an unfinished basement or garage) until the fat has solidified. Stuff it into an old stocking or produce mesh bag, roll it in bird seed, and hang your new bird feeder outside as an all-you-can-eat buffet for feathered friends.

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