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Use Your Tax Refund on Home Improvements

You work hard for your money all year, so when you receive the news that you’ll be getting money back after filing your annual taxes, it feels like found money. Why not use it to spruce up your living space? It may not be enough to fund a major home improvement, but it can often provide enough to cover a wide array of home improvements. Here’s how:

Get Organized. Hire a professional organizer or install a custom closet to get your home in tip-top shape. Tax refunds come during the springtime, and it’s a time when we want to banish clutter. Why not have a professional help you find a perfect place for everything?

Freshen up your Baseboards. Your baseboards get neglected often and get very dirty over time. You’ll be amazing at what caulking and a fresh coat of paint can do to your walls!

Invest in a new rug. If you have hardwood floors, purchasing an area rug can make your space feel brand new. The right rug finishes a room, while being budget-friendly. If you have open-concept living, area rugs can help define different uses of space.

Build a Deck. With spring here and summer waiting in the wings, the thought of spending every day out in the sun has us jumping for joy! There is no better way to enjoy the warmer seasons than on your own back deck. One of the favorite features for many homebuyers and the most common amenity mentioned on Trulia.com, decks are very popular and can bring in 80%-120% ROI. Already have a deck? No problem! Restore it, repair it or install many new features like an outdoor kitchen or fire pit.

Spruce up your Kitchen. Did you know kitchen upgrades have some of the highest ROI’s when it comes to home improvements? One way to update your kitchen or give it some character, is to install backsplash. The amount of designs, color and material options are endless, and the design professionals at Taylored can help you make the right choice.

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