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2017: The Year To Replace Flooring

When it comes to making changes in your house for 2017, nearly a quarter of homeowners are increasing their budget this year to make room for improvements and of those improvements, flooring is leading the way.

It is expected that this year will be one of the most dynamic times for flooring, with many people becoming more creative and seeking originality in all aspects of the home - including flooring. This aspect, which was once overlooked, is quickly becoming a statement piece in its own right.

More and more people are choosing to work with professional designers while taking a lot longer to consider what to select for their floorboards. Your floor is the statement piece in your home so investing in the right material, style and design is extremely important. It’s important to select a floor that stays current and can adapt to ever-changing style trends.

So, what options do we have right now? Here are a few of our favorite options.

Rich, Dark Floorboards

For a while, light or blonde wood was dom

inating the flooring design office due to it’s elegance in many homes. This year, bolder colors are being used, as accessories for the home are becoming brighter. Grays and dark brown tones bring a warm and sophisticated feel to any home adding an extra dimension of high quality. A rich dark wood can also add a slightly vintage glamour outlook and forms a great basis for either the clean modern or eclectic inspired room.

Brushed Finishes

Brushed, natural or band-sawn floorboards are making a statement in a big way. A brushed finish provides a natural look and can bring out the texture that can be particularly attractive in period properties.

Statement Floorboards

Homeowners are more thoughtful and creative than ever when it comes to the layout of their floor and are veering towards adding a little detail and design from the ground-up. A homeowner's floorboards are now a priority statement piece in terms of its overall interior. Each plank can now tell a story, a staggered approach gives the home an instant facelift and it also keeps your floor strong as the seams are the weak points in the floor's structure, but staggering the seams adds stability to the floor.

The Rise of Chipboard

Durable, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean, chipboard is a no-fuss flooring option to ensure your living space remains in picture-perfect condition. It's ideal for those wanting a contemporary yet stripped back look. Chipboard is stylish and understated, and suits every room in the home.

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