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Need an Update? Add An Open-Concept Addition

You’ve just bought a house - hooray! It’s an original home, which means its’ floorplan boasts boxed-in rooms and a traditional layout. Many of these older, well-established homes don’t cut it when it comes to meeting the needs and wants of 21st-century lifestyles. Small, poorly positioned windows don’t help either, making your home feel cramped and low-lit. You can forget having views, natural light and a connection with the outdoor world. Before you call the demolition company, it’s important to learn what you can do instead. An open-plan addition can change everything.

Although many of us love character homes that come with their own quirky features, most of these older homes don’t function well with our modern way of life. Today’s typical build has evolved over time to focus on more of a casual, open-plan layout to match our laid-back lifestyles. Homeowners want to see free-flowing connections throughout the home, along with outdoor spaces.

So, how do you transform your own home? Using the existing home as your base, you can build an entirely new structure to complement it. By making the most of what you already have, you can use the addition to become the new main living area of your home. These living spaces are where most of your families time will be spent and will act as a seamless connection between old and new, without looking awkward.

The added benefit of the new addition is that it can be built using improved construction materials. This means that walls, floors and ceilings with far greater thermal insulation properties can be used, as well as windows with superior glazing, so you can create a space that not only prevents excess heat gain, but also prevents winter heat loss. And, you can finally let some natural light into your home, and perhaps a view at the same time!

The freedom to fully customize the design in the addition to the home, while leaving the existing structure in place, means that you can achieve a more cost-effective, less wasteful result, using the existing house to its full potential. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to call Taylored Restoration today to transform your old home and create the design of your dreams!

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