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Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY via Camille Styles.

Is there anything better than when you’re cooking a delicious meal and have the option of grabbing fresh herbs, growing right in your own kitchen? Make that dream a reality, with this simple mason job herb garden. Cute, rustic and functional, you can design it to grow as many herbs as you’d like. Give it a try for yourself and get cookin’!


old wooden board

pipe clamps

triangle ring hangers

stainless hanging wire

picture hangers

chalkboard paint & chalk


hammer, nails and screwdriver



1. Space mason jars evenly on wooden board, and mark placement with a pencil in order to design and measure around.

2. Tape off rectangles on board, and paint with chalkboard paint as pictured above. This way, you can switch out herbs and change their labels accordingly.

3. Paint pipe clamps gold, and secure to wooden board by hammering a nail through the small holes in the pipe clamp.

4. On back of board, nail in ring hangers and tie on hanging wire.

5. Plant herbs in mason jars.

6. Place mason jars into pipe clamps and tighten with a screwdriver.

7. Nail picture hanger into the wall, and hang your herb display!

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