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Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

When you bought your house, you knew your windows were in need of some help, but they were liveable and other things took priority. Now that years have passed, they’re really starting to get to you and the overall appearance of your house.

Not only are they dating your humble abode, but they are also letting in unwanted humidity in the summer, drafts in the winter, neighborhood noises and get jammed when you open and close them. If these aren’t signs it’s time to get new windows, we don’t know what is!

So, can you afford it? The average cost for replacing all of your windows is approximately $10,000. And what if you select the wrong style that makes your house look even worse than it did before? Well, we’ve got some advice for you and if you need even more help selecting your windows, be sure to get in touch with our Designers in the Taylored Showroom.

Decide whether you really need to replace your windows, or if you’re better off repairing them. Even if your windows are broken or damaged, you might be able to fix them. Older wood windows are strong (for the most part) and can last more than 100 years thanks to old-growth wood used back in the day. These types of windows often need weatherstripping, new glass panes, window caulking or other simple repairs. Avoiding full replacement will save you a bundle of cash!

But if replacement has been determined, ensure you do it right to avoid costly mistakes. When it comes to picking the right style, be sure to select a design that matches the aesthetic of your house. The windows should match the price and quality of the house they’re on. Each of the five materials their available in, have their positives and negative points:

  • Wood — Very durable and energy efficient with classic good looks. Needs regular care (AKA painting).

  • Composite — Made of modern wood products such as particleboard. More resistant to moisture than wood.

  • Vinyl — Easy to maintain and affordable. The frame can be filled with fiberglass for more insulation.

  • Fiberglass — Very strong, sturdy. Can also be filled with insulation.

  • Aluminum — Probably the most affordable. Not good for energy savings in cold climates because it conducts heat.

And most importantly, be sure to select a manufacturer and installer you can trust. An expert installer may be even more important than choosing the window itself. A poor installation of a high-quality window will result in poor window performance. Be sure to call the experts at Taylored Restoration for all of your window repairs and replacements!

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