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Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Bedroom

It’s not always the first place you start when you begin to tackle your spring cleaning checklist, but it should be! Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. The place where you rest, relax and recuperate from the everyday stresses of life. So, when you walk into your bedroom at the end of the day, you don’t want to be met with itchy eyes, a dry throat and a runny nose.

The dust mites and allergens that make their way into your bedroom and into your mattress, sleep with you each night and have been festering in your enclosed bedroom all winter long. It’s time to take action and spring clean your bedroom. Get rid of those strange and unwanted bed buddies by purging your room of clutter and taking care of some simple cleaning tasks.

First, start with your mattress. The place where you lay your body every night absorbs pounds (thats, right - pounds!) of everything you leave behind, including sweat and skin cells. And what do dust mites feed off of you ask? You guessed it - skin cells. Which means, you’ve got 8-10lbs. of disgusting human matter for these lovely little critters to live off of.

Give your mattress a fresh start by giving it direct sunlight. The sun is a powerful cleaning tool and can kill dust mites, mildew and even moss that may live in some mattresses. Drag it outside for a few hours on a warm, dry day and watch mother nature work it’s magic. It’ll smell a lot fresher too! Just don’t forget to protect it from the ground by laying it on a drop cloth of some sort.

Or, take it one step further and hire Taylored Restoration services to clean your mattress with our professional upholstery services. We take care of the contaminants and micro-organisms that lurk within your mattress to promote a healthier bedroom environment for you, your family and your guests.

And, don’t forget that you should be flipping your mattress every 6-months for optimal longevity and to even out any sagging in areas which are slept on the most.

Now, that you’ve taken care of all of those uninvited guests, you’ll have sweet dreams all spring and summer long.

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