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When a Parent Moves In - How to Transition Your Home for the Elderly

Deciding to move in an elderly parent or loved one is a big step, especially when they require assistance. Making your home comfortable and safe should be a major priority in order to ensure a smooth transition for everyone in your home.

Remember how concerned you were about babyproofing your home before your newborn arrived? Well, it’s not much different when you move-in an aging adult. Not only will these precautions prevent some serious accidents, but it will also make it easier for both parties to adjust to daily life in a new setting.

If you live on one level, you’re already ahead of the game. A one-story home is ideal for elderly, as it eliminates all of the up-and-down that comes along with stairs. If it’s possible to do, make their bedroom and bathroom on the main floor. They’ll feel more confident to go about their way knowing they won’t have to constantly tackle those nagging stairs. Alas, this isn’t a possibility for many homes and there are solutions.

Have you ever thought about converting a basement into a living suite? You could add a kitchen, bathroom and living-quarters. This solution would be a win-win for everyone as it will allow you parent their independence, while still having you close-by if they need your assistance. Or, what about a home addition? Yes - it may sound costly, but in the long-run this solution will end up costing much less that out of house care at an assisted living facility.

Then their are the basic safety necessities. These are the items that help with everyday life as people age and are more prone to major injury with basic tasks. You’ll need to ensure you have good lighting, anti-slip mats, furniture bumpers, door and window sensors, and accessible shelving.

But what if your new housemate needs even more help getting around? You may even have to make special modifications to ensure your home is wheelchair accessible - this includes ensuring your doorways and halls are wide enough for them to move around freely. If you have stairs, you’ll need to install a ramp into the entrance of your home. In the bathroom, many elderly people require grab bars in the tub or shower and beside the toilet and even a walk-in bathtub so they don’t have to struggle getting in and out of the tub.

It all sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Don’t fret. Let the professionals at Taylored Restoration take care of making the transition as smooth as can be for everyone involved. We can take care of the modifications your home will need to ensure the ones you care about most are safe and well-protected.

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