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Are you Setting Your Bathroom Up for Mold?

It’s ugly. It’s invasive. It’s uninvited. Mold - no matter how much you try to avoid it, you may be setting up the perfect condition for mold to grow in your home. And like most things, it’s best to try to prevent it before it becomes an issue.

Mold loves warmth and it’s difficult to say “goodbye” to hot showers and a comfortable thermostat setting. So, what are the other factors that mold thrives off of? Two things: food and moisture.

Have you ever wondered why mold spreads like wildfire? For one, it can grow on any surface: plastic, porcelain, wood; pretty much anything coated with organic matter. It’s alive and spreads by spores floating through the air. So, when you discover mold in the corners of your bathtub, is it time to put on the rubber gloves and break out the toxic chemicals? Wrong. While some advice may have you believing that bleach kills mold, professionals say bleach or peroxide may remove the stain, but doesn’t kill the mold itself. Okay, so maybe its time to scrape it away, right? Nope. Because mold reproduces through microscopic spores, if you brush it away with your finger, the mold spores will go into the air and find new places to colonize. Yuck!

So what is the best way to prevent mold then? We’ve broken it down for you here:

Dry it out. Keep your bathroom exhaust fan running at least 30 minutes after you shower to remove moisture from the air. Always dry up puddles of

water and use squeegees on your shower doors and walls immediately after use.

Caulk those crevices. Mold loves a good dent, hole or dip to hide away in. Take care of those unseen places by removing old caulk and re-caulk it with a bathroom specific sealant that is mold resistant.

Use good ol’ fashioned soap and water to wipe away any mold if you find it.

Know when to hire help. Sometimes mold can be too big of a job for a DIY job. If you find mold that is the size of a quarter or larger, be sure to hire a mold restoration professional like the helpful team of specialists at Taylored Restoration.

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