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The Best Home Improvements You Can Ever Make

Whether you’re looking for a great return on investment or just something you’ll enjoy without breaking your back (or bank account), this list of expert-approved renovations are something you won’t ever regret making to your home.

A new deck - Adding a new deck or remodeling an outdated one, will provide a solid return on investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, the upgrade will have an estimated 75% ROI. A new deck will also breathe new life into your home and lifestyle. Get ready to entertain more often and feel rejuvenated, as you spend more time relaxing outdoors.

Remodeling the basement - Your basement is an entirely new floor of space. Most are left unfinished, or given less attention than the rest of your house. Fixing up the basement will add a whole new level of living space with endless possibilities. You can turn it into an investment opportunity as a rental suite - or, use it as a game room, home office, entertainment area, home gym, kids play area, etc. The sky is the limit!

The front door - One of the first things people notice before they step into your home, is what they walk through - your front door. Whether driving by, or standing at your stoop, front doors set the tone for the overall character of your house. What style would you choose? Will you paint it neutral or give it some life with a bright and cheerful color? Replacing a front door can also boost your homes curb appeal.

Insulation - Installing new insulation has multiple benefits to homeowners. Not only will you have a good idea as to what is within the walls, but new insulation will also provide better heating solutions, most likely to lower your energy bill and keep your house feeling much more cozy. You’ll also eliminate hazardous health threatening infestations while completing the installation process. With the highest ROI of 116.9% replacing your insulation is well-worth the renovation.

Plant a tree - This simple landscaping tip can add major value to your home. It will cost you hardly anything to do, but a mature tree can add $1000 - $10,000 to the value of your home (according to the Council of Tree and Landscapers Appraisers). Clearly, planting a tree in your yard can create better curb appeal, more privacy, fresher air and a whole lot of nature. Just ensure you plant it in a well thought out spot - remember, trees grow!

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