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How to Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes Flat

Is company coming? Are the in-laws on their way? Or, are you about to host an impromptu dinner? Have no fear - when it comes to speed cleaning, it’s all about time management, efficiency and prioritizing. Break out the cleaning supplies and strap on those rubber gloves, when you’re in a jam and you don’t have a ton of time, these are the things to tackle first:

Tidy Up the Entryway. Suck up any dust, dirt and debris around the entry. Give your entry way rug a good shake outside and spritz it with an air deodorizer like Febreeze to freshen up the first area your guests set foot in. For a handy and natural tip, place a droplet of essential oil in the fragrance of your choice on the light bulbs of your light fixture. The scent will be warming, but not overpowering.

Clear the Clutter. Grab an empty laundry basket and make it your mission to pick up all of the “odds and ends” throughout every room of the house. Tuck it away in a bedroom closet and tackle putting it all in its’ proper place once the guests have left.

Touch-Up the Kitchen. No matter where the party is being hosted, it seems that guests love migrating to the kitchen. Ensure your kitchen is shining by touching up surfaces and countertops with a quick wipe down. Next, move onto refrigerator handles and any other areas that tend to stand out. Use a quick spot-mop product like the Swiffer Wet and scrub away any spots with stains or marks. No need to do the whole floor.

Freshen up the Bathroom. Make sure your bathroom looks its’ best, by stocking the bathroom with fresh soap, an extra roll of toilet paper and some clean towels. Nothing is worse than walking into a bathroom with a dirty toilet, so take a few minutes here to give your toilet a scrub. Using glass cleaner, quickly wipe down the mirror, tap and countertop.

Prep the Living Room. Give your guests a comfortable place to relax. Fluff the pillows and cushions of your couch and chairs. Kick pet hair and loose debris to the curb using a lint roller. Place loose magazines, books and newspapers in a basket or rack. Set the tone by turning off overpowering overhead lights, and opt for warm, mood lighting created by table lamps.

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