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The Latest in Deck Amenities

As you look out your window, it’s difficult to imagine warmer weather and crisp green grass under the crisp winter spread. But, spring will be here before you know it and if you’re one of the many homeowners looking to enhance your outdoor living space, then a deck addition is a must-have.

Most people spend the majority of their day at work, school or stuck inside, when you get home the first thing you want to do is escape, unwind and have fun. What better way to do all three of those things than with your own custom deck?

With decks becoming more and more sought-after by homeowners and perspective buyers, there has been a major increase in outdoor amenities specifically for these spaces. Here are some of the latest trends in deck amenities that can help you create an exciting backyard oasis.

Outdoor Kitchens - This trend has been around for a little while now, but they’ve become even more popular and luxurious with time. From grills to cooktop surfaces, chef-grade appliances and marble countertops, you’ll have a difficult time deciding whether to use your indoor or outdoor kitchen for everyday meals.

Fireplaces - Deck fireplaces are a great option if you’re looking to add a warm gathering place to your outdoor living area. Will it be a traditional wood-burning design? A modern gas or propane burning style? Or, perhaps a custom-made stone pizza oven! You really can’t go wrong here!

Lighting - Gone are the days of backyard tiki torches. Today’s latest lighting products allow you to spend more time outdoors well after the spring and summer. From sophisticated low-voltage lighting to pot lights wired right into the steps, your deck will have a truly special ambiance.

Green Materials - It’s obvious that sustainable materials and the popular movement of going green is in high demand. And when it comes to decking materials, this is also the case. One of the most popular materials just so happens to be the most affordable and is called ‘composite decking’, which blends wood fiber and recycled plastic to create a highly durable and beautiful product.

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