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How to Survive a Kitchen Renovation

All of your dreaming, magazine-clipping & internet searching has finally paid off! It’s day one of your kitchen renovation and you are jumping for joy at the thought of your carefully selected construction team taking your kitchen from depressing to dreamy. With Taylored Restoration on the case, they’ll whip up a clever plan for your kitchen makeover and get started right away. But, do you really have to move out of your home during a kitchen renovation? We don’t think so. If you can put up with a little mess for a short-time, you can use these helpful tips to make it through the entire remodel period without packing a suitcase.

  1. Create a Temporary Kitchen

Don’t get rid of that old kitchen just yet! While you wait for your shiny new appliances to be installed in your new kitchen, move your old fridge into another room for the time being. This will allow you to keep refrigerated and frozen items, along with all of the basic necessities to get through daily life. Use your smaller appliances like toaster ovens, microwaves, crock pots and coffee machines to do most of your cooking. And, if weather permits - your barbecue will become your best friend!

2. Take-Out Meals & Deals

It’s true that you will probably eat out more often than you normally would. Now would be a good time to take advantage of customer appreciation reward programs and coupon offers. Many restaurants offer money back or discount offers for a certain amount of money spent. So, be smart with where you choose to dine and be savvy with internet research and flyer scouring for budget-friendly deals around town!

3. Get Fresh Air

It’s no secret that any type of home renovation or remodel project creates dust. Even the smallest of projects creates dust! As neat as you try to keep it (and Taylored's crew keeps it), it’s impossible to avoid, so be sure to take precautions as much as possible prior to beginning a renovation. Protect your special items, artwork and un-used furniture with plastic sheets and drop cloths. Close doors when you are away from home, and especially when the construction is being done.

4. Keep your Neighbors Happy

Let’s face it - no one likes the constant sound of banging and crashing all day long. Even if it’s during normal working hours, there are many people who work from home, have babies who nap (sorry!) and days-off during the week. The best thing you can do is to forewarn your neighbors that you will be starting a renovation project and give them an approximate timeline of how long the process will take and on what days the loudest jobs will take place on. Having a little wine & cheese housewarming for your neighbors after the project is complete is always a nice way to make amends if you’ve annoyed anyone and show off your beautiful new project!

5. Don’t Forget Fido.

Pets can be particularly curious during renovation periods. Nerves are at a high for most animals when changes are being made and that includes those made to your home. Dogs and cats are the ones who spend the most time in the house, so they want to know who’s completing the work and mixing up their domain. Be sure to keep them in a crate or private an area while you aren’t with them and forewarn your contractor and their team that their is a family pet in the home. Don’t let your pet wander into the kitchen area once the workers have gone, or you may end up with a lot of pet hair or a nice little paw print in your freshly mortared tile floor!

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