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The Benefits of using your PFD on Home Improvement Services

Our dividend is a little bit of guaranteed revenue from the government that leaves many of us dreaming about what we should put it toward this year. Pay off debt? A family vacation? Or, better yet - perhaps that home renovation you’ve been thinking about all of these years.

With Taylored Restoration, the possibility for home improvement services are endless. Whether it’s a spacious home addition, a new deck to enjoy all summer long, a fancy kitchen or a spa-like bathroom, these upgrades have major benefits both personally, as well as financially.

Did you know that a kitchen remodel could be the first step toward better health? Experts agree that a beautiful kitchen with an efficient layout, enticing countertops, inviting flooring and shiny new appliances, will motivate you to eat-out less and cook healthier meals for your family more often. You’ll also improve your social life, as entertaining will quickly become high on your priority list with such a spectacular space. Where there is food, there are friends.

If your home feels too cramped, there is another alternative to moving. Expansions or home additions are a great way to give you and your growing family the space you need to be comfortable. Suddenly, you’ll have extra space to entertain guests or just hang out. Less stress, less fights for rooms between the kids and more space for mom and dad to escape the daily grind.

As wonderful as all of the aesthetic improvements are, it’s also extremely beneficial to use your PFD toward repairs and upgrades that your house desperately needs. Our team of handymen can take care of those repairs for you.

One important area during the winter months, is to seal your home. Sealing cracks and holes with proper materials will keep critters, cold weather and leaks out of your home. Or, we can take it one step further and completely replace your drafty windows with brand new energy-efficient ones. If your home was built before 1978, than you may want to eliminate the possibility of dangerous lead paint particles from the interior of your home. Be sure to hire an expert to remove the lead from your home and replace your walls with a fresh coat of non-toxic paint.

If you decide to use your Permanent Fund Dividend on any one of Taylored Restoration services you won’t be disappointed. This year, make your PFD a gift that keeps on giving with beneficial home improvements!

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