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Treat Your Windows with Care

Windows bring light into your home and act as the eyes to the outside world beyond your own walls. How you treat your windows can say a lot about who you are and how you treat your home. If you decide to forgo window treatments of any kind, you are not only offering strangers an invitation to view you and your home, but you are also opening the door for burglars to view your valuables.

The type of window treatment you select is important when it comes to the overall protection of your home furnishings, privacy, comfort and personal preference. As beautiful as full panel drapery can be, it needs to withstand environmental elements as well. The sun is a powerful force, especially during our long-day summers and can be destructive to fabrics. Light-colored fabrics are a better option than dark-colored drapes that absorb light and are susceptible to sun bleaching. However, both options attract an enormous amount of dust and grime that gets lodged into the fibres. You should plan to get these cleaned often by professionals to keep dust, grime and allergens at bay!

Window treatments like blinds or shades are better quipped to handle the elements and provide aesthetically pleasing coverage with maximum privacy. You can even use drapery overtop of these treatments. You’ll also save time dusting blinds as opposed to the constant vacuuming and washing that drapery panels require. If you do select blinds or shades, deep-cleaning should also be performed by a professional. Taylored Restoration brings your blinds to our facility and uses state of the art ultrasonic technology to clean your blinds. We'll even bring the blinds back to your home and re-install them, just like new! With 24 years’ experience providing window treatments, blind repairs and blind cleaning, you know you are in the best of hands when it comes to this very important home accessory.

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