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New Year Resolutions for Homeowners

Do your goals for 2017 involve hitting the gym or watching what you eat? While those things are all great resolutions, it’s time to pay attention to your bad habits in the home. Sure, a home doesn’t feel pain, but there are things you can do over time that will eventually breakdown and effect your wallet. Be a good home owner and take care of the details, like doing regular maintenance, having your carpets/ blinds cleaned and taking care of those nagging tasks. Here's some BAD habits you should kick to the curb for 2017!

1) Fix it Later. Stop neglecting your appliances, furnaces, chipped paint, and bubbled laminate floors. These items all need routine maintenance, whether you know it or not. Did you know your homes' exterior needs to be repainted every 4 to 5 years before it begins to peel or rot? To breathe easy, HVAC filters should be cleaned out every month and if you have granite in your household, be sure to seal it every year to prevent stains. Not sure what should be taken care of regularly in your home? Give our experts a call and we'll make sure your taken care of!

2) Opt for Cleaning Tablets. At least your making an effort to clean your toilets, right? Wrong! Yes, cleaning tablets are an easy way to take care of toilet bowl cleaning, but eventually the chemicals will corrode the plastic parts that keep your toilet running smoothly. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do things the old fashioned way with a brush and some rubber gloves, or you can opt for a more modern product such as the flush-by-flush cleaning method that attaches to the bowl.

3) Smoke Indoors. There's a reason why smoking inside bars, restaurants and many more places has been outlawed in various parts of the world. Not only is it bad for your health, it’s bad for the health of one of your biggest investments - your home! When cigarette smoke seeps into walls and floors, the value of your property begins to decrease. The scent of smoke is so overpowering, it takes years for any trace of it to disappear. Selling your home and realized this issue too late? Give us a call and we'll send our smoke restoration specialists how to see how we can help bring your home back to a fresh, clean environment sure to please any buyer's nose!

4) Hide the Clutter. We all are pretty guilty of this one. Whether it’s a stack of old magazines you can’t seem to part with, or rooms full of boxes, bins and junk. Many of us let the clutter build up even behind closed doors. It’s time to take care of that trash! Stop hiding it behind closet doors and in attics. Clutter makes your home look

messy and uncared for. Not to mention the hidden creatures that may have found a new home amongst that mess. Little by little, find a way to declutter on a regular basis by sorting, having a yard sale or donating quality items. Suddenly, you’ll find your home will be able to breathe again and you’ll have a functional space.

Need a pro to take care of some of these tasks? Taylored Restoration offers an abundance of services that can get your home looking (and feeling) it’s best for 2017. Be sure to take a look at our offerings and book an appointment with us today!


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