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Steps Towards a Healthier Home

Consumers have been increasingly aware of hazardous indoor environments over the last few years, but news of the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, Michigan raised awareness to a nationwide level in 2016. Homeowners are actively seeking out healthy water supplies, purifiers and HVAC systems, along with nontoxic paint and adhesives. With such concerns, builders, remodelers, architects and interior designers expect health to influence more of their decisions due to consumer demand. More home buyers are even hiring health experts to examine listings and are requesting in-home contaminant removal prior to purchase.

So, what small changes can you make yourself for a healthier home in the new year? We’ve got a list of easy tricks for you to try.

1. Get an Air Purifier. The first step to good health is ensuring the air you breathe is clean. It has recently been proven that air pollution significantly affects our health and fine particulate matter has been linked to not only lung issues, but also heart disease. By investing in a state-of-the-art air purifier, it can help mitigate the risk.

2. Avoid Chemical-Based Products. Using cleaning products with heavily-based chemicals or pesticides are toxic and are known to aggravate asthma. Instead, try using plant-based products or a simple natural cleaning solution including vinegar, baking soda and lemon.

3. Control Your Light. Did you know that light pollution exists? It does and it significantly interferes with your sleep. If you live in a place where sleeping in a pitch black room is impossible, invest in good blinds or shades, purchase an eye mask and do whatever it takes to block out the light. Poor sleep habits are a major cause of obesity, cancer, memory loss and mental illness.

4. Manage your Greenery. Research has proven that homes with more green space, greenhouses, well-kept gardens and planted trees face less crime and vandalism and tend to be happier overall. Homes that are maintained on the exterior, have more of a personal presence, which tends to fend off criminals looking to cause a problem.

5. Get rid of that Dust. It’s not uncommon for people’s homes, apartments or business to be a hot bed for dust. Whether its piling up on that old bookshelf, under your bed and on your pillows or in your kids toy box; chronic exposure of dust mites can cause allergies and asthma. Be sure to vacuum frequently, have a professional clean your carpets regularly and don’t forget to have someone clean those blinds! You’ll be amazed at the amount of dust and dirt people forget about on your window coverings. The best part? Taylored Restoration can tackle the more complicated cleaning tasks for you.

Start 2017 off on a high note and get ready to tackle the new year with a healthier home. It’s the first step to creating a happier family environment for everyone to enjoy!

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