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Organizing Tips for Winter Accessories

If you don’t happen to have the luxury of a designated mudroom in your house, then the thought of winter weather can be daunting. To survive the cold months, an overhaul of an entire winter wardrobe is needed everytime you step foot out the door. Even if you are just traveling from door to car! So, what are you expected to do with all of those extra boots, hats, gloves, and coats with no room to store it? We’ve got you covered with some clever DIY organizing ideas to keep your messy winter gear in line this season.

TIP #1 - Don’t toss those 28-ounce tin cans just yet! Remove the labels with hot and soapy water, file of any sharp metal edges and screw those cans to a mounting board. Hang that board on the back of your closet door or in the garage, and voila! Welcome to organized bliss. These tin cans are perfect for stuffing with winter hats, gloves and other soft accessories.

TIP #2 - No room for both seating and a shoe rack in your entryway? Problem solved! Create a combo bench and boot rack that keeps drippy footwear off the floor. Add a bottom shelf to a bench for boots and use a cloth mat underneath the boots to catch excess water before it hits the floor.

TIP #3 - You know those plastic over-the-door shoe organizers that don’t really fit all different types of shoes and sizes? Well, we’ve found a much better purpose for it. Using the clear plastic shoe organizer; place hats, gloves, scarves, winter socks, mittens and even ski goggles in the pockets. With the see-through slots, everyone can easily see what section their items are located in. Designate a row to each family member for organized sorting.

TIP #4 - Keep messes and drips away while keeping your toes toasty, with a homemade boot rack. Create your own rustic version with trimmed tree branches. Screw upright branches into place from underneath the long support branch. Park your boots upsides down to ensure good drainage and prevent precipitation from getting inside!

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