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Home Design Predictions for 2017

It’s right around the corner and the countdown to 2017 is on! Is a home renovation or remodel on the top of your Christmas wishlist? If it is, then it might be time for you to brush up on the biggest home design trends predicted for 2017. Home Interiors are seeing a shift from the granite era, to options that express your unique perspective in all rooms of the house. Get ready for comfort, as we break away from the emphasis of opulence and move into a year of home comfort, ease and personal style.

1) Cerused Wood - This heavily textured wood treated can be applied on floors, furniture and paneling on the walls.

2) Marble - Move over granite, there is a new stone in town and marble is in. Especially shown in black or white and used for countertops and tabletops. Designers are expecting the marble motif will also appear in carpets, wallcoverings and fabrics.

3) Shiny Warm Metals - Kitchen and bathroom hardware has been making a shift toward this trend in 2016 and there is no stopping it now. As we start a new year, shiny finishes in gold and bronze will continue to warm up the cabinets and drawers of our most functional places.

4) Matte Appliances - And we thought stainless steel would always be the most sought-after kitchen finish! As cabinet hardware moves toward shiny and warm, our kitchen appliances go matte creating a sleek and simple look. Now, we can say goodbye to those pesky fingerprints!

5) Natural Textures - Taking it back to our roots, textures inspired by animal skins and parchment paper outfitted in unexpected colors will start to appear in furniture item trends throughout the new year.

6) Patterned Wallcoverings - We thought we had said goodbye to floral wallpaper over a decade ago, but dramatic patterns in over-scaled florals, paisley and abstract prints are making a comeback and are expected to be used in small spaces such as bathrooms and entryways. What will keep it subtle is the darker hues it will be offered in such as gray and black.

7) Fearless Paint Colors - Make a statement with your wall colors next year and let your personality shine! Bold shades in deep jewel tones like emerald and amethyst will be frequently used in moderation - hallways, offices and small spaces.

8) Nailhead Details - What was once trendy a few years ago, has also come back around for another year but applied in different ways. Look for this classic trim to move beyond the sofa and headboard, and to be used as an accent on items like storage chests and light fixtures.

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