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Holiday Home Safety

While we are decking the halls and trimming the tree, all of the magic and wonder of the holiday season can often fog our heads and blur our vision when it comes to the basic rules of home safety. If these items are neglected amongst the holiday festivities, it can lead to serious property damage.

Did you know that 2 million Americans have had fires caused by Christmas trees and other holiday decorations? The increased risk of fires during the holidays is often caused by the things that make this season so special.

Electrical sources are a major cause of disasters due to improper installation of cheery holiday lights and tangled electrical cords. While many of us try to string the lights up quickly to avoid the cold weather, it’s important to remember that if done incorrectly, it can be quite costly and possibly, fatal. Check your string of lightbulbs for loose wires, frayed cords and cracked bulbs, unravel cords and use extension cords properly without plugging too many cords into one power source. Turn off your lights when you go to bed or are leaving your home for a long period of time, to ensure you don’t come home to a house fire.

And, if you celebrate the season with a Christmas tree, ensure to maintain the Christmas tree regularly. If left to dry out, you have a major fire hazard standing right in the middle of your family room. What is even scarier is the fact that it only takes 30 seconds for a dry tree to engulf a room in flames when a fire is started. So, be fire smart (and, kind to your tree) by giving it plenty of water to ensure it stays moist up until the new year.

With these holiday safety tips in mind, you’ll avoid having to make a phone call to Taylored Restoration for fire restoration and clean-up. However, if it does strike, and we hope it doesn't, we'll be here to take care of you every step of the way and have an emergency team on standby 24/7. Have a safe, and happy holiday everyone!

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