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Beware of VOCs

Recently, there have been news reports that state certain laminate floor products made in China, failed to meet the health and safety standards in America. When this happened, it sent many Americans into a state of panic. Were their laminate floors sending ‘volatile organic compounds’ into their family homes? Many dangerous chemicals can be used in home building materials, processes and finishes, which can make your home a toxic space. These VOCs raise concerns because the gasses they release can cause irritation, breathing problems and deadly diseases.

So, what materials can you find these in? They are common in paints, stains, adhesives and glues, which means that many safe building materials may make indoor air toxic, because they are paired with such substances. To keep your family safe and your home toxin-free, it’s important to ask retailers, manufacturers, builders, and contractors what VOCs may be in the materials, products and furnishings used in your home. One thing to research is where these products originated and how they were made with finishes, since toxic materials can be incorporated at any stage. Be aware of items that are made in China, as they are one of the top countries that produces many of our building materials and they haven’t yet taken any step to outlaw harmful chemicals in housing products.

And, although some labels may claim to be green, they can also be misleading, so be sure to read the ingredients and warning labels before making a purchase. Being educated before you build a home, make a renovation or start a remodel will help you get a head start on this important subject. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as it will potentially save your life down the road. Feel free to take a peek at our showroom and have a chat with any of our design experts. They’ll be able to answer any questions regarding building materials and the supplies we use!

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